Canyon Road Arts

Volume IV, 2008-2009

New Mexico’s tribal casinos

by Michael Ettema, Santa Fe Director of Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery New Mexico’s tribally-owned casinos have become such familiar landmarks on the tourism landscape, it’s hard to believe they’ve been here only a dozen years. In 1987, the Federal Government confirmed the right of Tribal governments to operate casinos on their own lands. The

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Learn about Santa Clara Pueblo

Learn about the exquisite pottery of this Northern New Mexico pueblo The ancestors of the modern Santa Clara Pueblo people first carved cave-like dwellings in the soft volcanic tufa cliffs-the Puye Cliff Dwellings in Santa Clara Canyon. Later, they built adobe structures on the slopes and top of the mesa, surrounded by spectacular views of

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Maynard Dixon Museum

Maynard Dixon is considered by many Western art collectors to be their premier artist Maynard Dixon’s ability to capture the West and its inhabitants, in a nonjudgmental and honest way, has left an indelible legacy. The Maynard Dixon Museum, while not in New Mexico, is a little less than an hour flight from Albuquerque to

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