Canyon Road Arts

Volume VI, 2011-2012

Art education with online portals

Today’s buyers use the Internet to acquire fine art Disposing and purchasing of art through traditional methods such as auction houses and galleries has changed dramatically with the advent of the Internet. The model is very different today than it was fifteen years ago. There are comprehensive online databases of artists and art valuations just […]

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Pueblo pottery

A conversation about collecting historic pueblo pottery With Michael Ettema, Ex-Director of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona and Dr. Mark Sublette, President / CEO of Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery Ettema: How did you become a Pueblo pottery dealer and how long have you been in business? Sublette: Growing up in New

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Contemporary art on Canyon Road

Modern art thrives in the city different Many of our visitors expect that fine art in the West will consist of traditional Indian portraits, cowboy action scenes, and majestic mountain landscapes. And that, certainly, is the legacy of the many illustrators turned fine artists who gave easterners their first glimpse of this strange, new land

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Writers of Santa Fe

Why novelists David Morrell, Michael McGarrity, Jo-Ann Mapson, Mark Sublette and more live in Santa Fe by Wolf Schneider Santa Fe’s current novelists range from the guy who created Rambo to a best-selling history writer to a handful of mystery writers, including a former cop, an established women’s author, and an art-gallery owner launching a

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