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New Mexico and Santa Fe history

New Mexico’s journey from colony to statehood

Contested Territory: New Mexico’s Long, Twisted Path from Colony to Statehood When New Mexico became the 47th state of the Union on January 6, 1912, it already had been a European/American settlement for 314 years. Over that long history, New Mexico’s borders changed repeatedly as Spain, France, Britain, United States, Mexico, Texas, and the Confederate […]

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Santa Fe’s 400th anniversary

Celebrating America’s oldest capital city Do the math! Yes, Santa Fe officially became a town under Spanish law fully ten years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. Santa Fe is America’s oldest capital city and the second oldest surviving European settlement in the United States, following St. Augustine, Florida. Plans are underway for a

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The Fred Harvey Company

Innovative travel industry pioneer showcasing Southwest Indian arts and crafts by Jerry Freund No organization had a greater impact on the American southwest as the Santa Fe Railroad and the Fred Harvey Company. In fact, these companies practically “invented” the image of the southwest that Americans have today. The Fred Harvey Company promoted a “kinder-gentler”

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