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Peggi Kroll-Roberts paintings

Award-winning impressionistic painter

Beach Day  Oil on board  5 x 7
Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Beach Day, oil on board, 5″ x 7″

As an artist, Peggi Kroll-Roberts has an almost uncanny ability to capture images as the mind sees them, not as the eye sees them. The figures, the landscapes, the still life paintings are done with bold colors and brush strokes; they are highly impressionistic, and yet each captures the essential qualities, colors, light and values of a scene.

Peggi Kroll-Roberts was born and raised in Arizona, and she studied at Arizona State University, prior to relocating to California where she studied at the Arts Center College of Design in Pasadena. After her studies, Peggi worked in the fashion and advertising industry in various location across the country.

Though she was from Arizona, Peggi gravitated to California, and it was there she met her husband, then illustrator, and now fulltime painter, Ray Roberts. To escape the hustle and bustle of the Los Angeles area, the couple moved to Phoenix where Peggi pursued her main artistic passion: painting the figure. She had plenty of figures to paint as she and Ray raised three young children.

The two have since moved to a ranch in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where Kroll-Roberts continues to paint primarily figures on small canvases. Peggi and Ray share a studio on their ranch, yet they continue to paint with remarkably different styles.

Peggi Kroll-Roberts’ artwork has garnered her numerous impressive awards, including the Gold Prize at the 2001 Laguna Plein Air Painting Invitational, as well as taking home the top spot at the 2001 American Impressionist Society Juried Exhibition. She has been featured in Southwest Art numerous times, and is a member of both the California Art Club and the American Impressionist Society.

This article was excerpted from Canyon Road Arts: The Complete Visitors Guide to Arts, Dining and Santa Fe Lifestyle, Vol 1, 2005-2006, page 51. Canyon Road Arts is published by Medicine Man Gallery. All rights reserved.
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