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Maynard Dixon paintings

Maynard Dixon’s New Mexico

The beauty of New Mexico seen through the eyes of the Western master by Dr. Mark Sublette Maynard Dixon arrived in New Mexico with Charles Lummis for the first time in September of 1900. He stayed for two and a half months documenting everything he saw and experienced. New Mexico’s architecture, ethnic mix, and old

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Maynard Dixon Museum

Maynard Dixon is considered by many Western art collectors to be their premier artist Maynard Dixon’s ability to capture the West and its inhabitants, in a nonjudgmental and honest way, has left an indelible legacy. The Maynard Dixon Museum, while not in New Mexico, is a little less than an hour flight from Albuquerque to

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About Maynard Dixon, 1875-1946

Maynard Dixon’s mentor, Charles Lummis, encouraged  Dixon early in his painting career to leave California, and “travel East to see the real West.” Dixon did just that, traveling the many roads that crisscrossed the West:  Montana,  Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.  Lasting weeks, to even months, these trips provided Dixon with the inspiration to

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